You are probably here, because a transaction on your billing statement led you to this page. You have been billed, because you are a member of a membership based website. On your statement the "descriptor" or "merchant name" does not correspond to the website of which you are a member.

No matter why you are here, whether you wish to cancel your membership, are concerned over one or more charges, or have other reasons to contact us, we are ready to assist you.

Chargebacks or Disputes

Having your bank charging back a transaction is both time consuming and, since you can contact us easily and efficiently, unnecessary. You can reach us through either e-mail or by phone.

Our payment processor will thouroughly investigate any chargebacks, and you might be added to a blacklist, which may potentially complicate online purchases in the future. Please also note, it is illegal to deny a charge you have made and will lead to an investigation. This investigation might lead to you being heavily fined, or you might find yourself the target of legal action. Furthermore, false claims of fraud can affect your credit rating negatively.

Should you choose to file a chargeback, our policy is to prohibit you from joining any site we own or operate.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us to clarify the matter.

Phone: UK (+44) 203 637 0461